Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It's Official!

If you follow me on Twitter, this may be no surprise to you, BUT ......


Last week, I mentioned about how I told my mom I was gonna do it anyway. Well, Friday, I decided to just keep browsing ticket prices and I found some tickets for roundtrip from Chicago to Ireland for a pretty decent price. I called my mom, told her the price, and her response was: book them. SO! I'm going to Europe! 

Where will I be going?

My plan for sure right now includes:

1. Ireland (flying into Dublin, would love suggestions on places to see/stay/other areas of Ireland safe for me to go)
2. England (Manchester (staying with a friend) and London (staying alone, need suggestions on places to stay/tips about the city)
3. Germany (Staying with a friend in SW Germany near Swiss border. Would love to visit Berlin and would love all tips from anyone!)

What does this mean for racing?

I will be running the Melbourne Music Half this Sunday and I will run the Princess Half at the end of the month and honestly, I think that might be it for racing this year. Not because I don't WANT to race, I do, but I think I need to save that money for Europe/bills (boo!). Unless someone wants to fund me for racing.... I'd gladly accept. 

I know a few of you have said that you'd be happy to help, so expect some e-mails sitting in your inbox from me in the near future (Lisa, I'm looking at you). All other help would be greatly appreciated. I have NO plans and NO idea what I'm doing, but the planner in me is LOVING having all of this to look forward to and think about. I don't want to plan every single minute, but I'd love to have a few things planned out so that way I have a starting point for exploration!

Where is your favorite place to travel?