Monday, February 24, 2014

Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend: The Expo & #runnerslove

I am back from the Princess Half Marathon Weekend! It's hard to believe that after all of that preparation, it's over and done with. Instead of doing a ridiculously long post, like I did last year, I decided I'd split this recap up into a few parts. This is part one :)

Friday morning started off fairly hectic and I'd hoped it wasn't a sign for the weekend. On Friday morning, I went to the bank to find out that my debit card had been closed out. I had to go home, get the new debit  card they had sent to me last month (because why would I have activated it before?), get that new card activated, and head to school to drop something off. I ended up having a slightly later start than I had anticipated, but I got to the expo around 1.

The Expo

Overall, I have to say that I was not very impressed with the expo. The layout of the first room was nice, but I'm not sure why they had to have the dinky "Official Merchandise" stand in the room where they had packet pickup...and why Glass Slipper Challengers could get their shirts/goodies in this building, but Princess Half runners had to pick up their shirt/goodies in the next building. It seems to me like it would make more sense to put the Princess Half shirt pickup in that room and only have one runDisney merchandise location in the larger expo. However, everything in the packet pick up was well-spaced and organized very well.

When I went to the larger expo, I could see that it was chaos before I even went downstairs. I went in, got my t-shirt, bag, etc. and then walked through the expo. I stopped for a bag of apples and a photo with the Chiquita lady -- this was a cute photo op. I also wandered through the official merchandise area, but everything was so generic (I didn't like that most of the Princess Half merchandise had no date on it), and the "I Did It!" shirt looked just like the shirt I got last year. So, I didn't purchase any official merchandise. It was hard to wander through the rest of the expo because everything was so jammed together and there were so many people, but it was nice to look at everything. The only thing I ended up leaving the expo with, though, was the free rice I won at the Success booth.


When I left the expo, I ended up buying a cupcake from the Yum Yum cupcake truck -- that was probably the best part of my visit to the expo!


Because I got held up in the morning and spent too long at the expo, I got to #runnerslove an hour late. I arrived as soon as the skies opened up, so everyone had left. I met up with Lauren and her boyfriend and we chatted for a while before I headed to Magic Kingdom. Even though it was short, I heard good things about the meet-up and I was bummed that I missed it!

What did you think of the expo this year (if you went)? Are you a fan of expos? Have you ever been to a meet up?