Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Taper Crazies

This should really be called Taper Munchies. Even though last week was the start of taper week for many people, I still ran 20 miles for the week and don't feel bad about it. This week, though, the taper madness has finally hit me. By the time you've read this post, I've most likely only run 7 miles for the whole week. I'm also most likely done with my running for the week until Sunday. This is how I'm feeling:

I'm trying to hold myself back on runs (after all, it is taper week), but my runs have been "speedy" for me, so I'm going to live in my compression socks until I leave on Friday, and then probably sleep in them Friday and Saturday. My foam roller and I will be BFFs.

Here's what I've been doing during taper madness:

1. Shopping

I honestly should be saving money for Europe because I am super poor... but I went looking for a cross-body purse for my trip. No luck, but I found these beauties for $25:

2. Eating

I was hungry ALL day yesterday, so I literally ate and ate and ate. I made a joke that "the less time I spend running, the more time I spend eating!" I took my Aunt and Uncle (who are visiting from Chicago) to a new-to-me crepe place....phenomenal. I didn't take photos though because I didn't want to be obnoxious to my family. I also came home and ate some delicious ice cream, even though I wasn't hungry.

3. Couch Potato-ing

I've been watching PLL, Switched at Birth, and SCANDAL like it's my job. If you follow me on Twitter, I'm sure you've seen tweets like these:

4. Sleeping

I've been able to wake up at 6:30 or 6:45 the last few days because I've been running 3 miles or less each day, so that's been nice. Tomorrow, I'll most likely sleep until 7:15 or 7:30 and then Friday I'll sleep in until it's time for this place:

5. Stalking everyone

I've been reading a lot of your blogs from afar because I've been super busy during the day, but just know that I am DYING TO MEET A LOT OF YOU THIS WEEKEND! Who wants to be my best friend this weekend? I'm hoping that the answer is everyone.

6. Being generally crazy

Sometimes, I tweet things like this:

And if you don't know the reference, it's here:

And also, I dream about things like this:

Or this:

It seems like we should just get me back to running long distances/more frequently again....

How are you handling tapering? What is your favorite non-running (or non-fitness) activity?