Monday, March 10, 2014

Send me Healing Thoughts, Please

Thanks to everyone who was feeling my pain on Friday's post. Things are mostly back in order in the fans are gone, a new water heater is installed, but my floors are still destroyed. My house looks so sad and I don't have time to schedule anything having to do with the floors until at least Friday, so for now, I'm living in a place that looks like this:

Please send me healing thoughts for my house! It needs all the help it can get ;)

In running news, running has been virtually non-existent. I took the entire week after the Princess Half off from running, but I maintained my regular cross-training activities. Last week, I ran MAYBE 10 miles total for the week. I got busy (so much for spring break, right?) and for some reason, even after all of the rest, my right hamstring has been REALLY tight. It's tight when I wake up, tight when I walk, and tight when I run. It hasn't interfered with any running, so far, but I did have to stretch 3 times within the first 2 miles of my run on Friday. I have been icing it, rolling it, and massaging it and have found some release, but I am going to look into ART (per recommended by Cori) if it does not get any better. So far, rolling on a ball from the batting cages has been working best. I'm bruising all up and down the area, but things are slowly starting to release. I'm hoping to have run this morning, and if you follow me on Twitter, I'm sure there will be an update about whether or not I went out there today. Send me healing thoughts for my hammy too, please.
Also, my poor floors :( 

And today is post number 200 of this little blog! Thanks for stopping by for 200 posts of rambling and nothingness!

Thanks for suffering through it! Love you guys :D 

Have you ever had a hamstring injury? What is your favorite recovery tool?