Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thinking Out Loud #3

I'm sorry that I've virtually abandoned all blogger duties as of late. I have been ridiculously busy, and quite honestly, I haven't had much to say! Instead of leaving you guys alone for much longer, however, I decided to link up with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud!

1. I am studying for my oral comps exam, which is on Tuesday, April 1, and it tests me on everything I have learned the last two years in my Masters program. My home currently looks like this:

And no, my house still isn't fixed.

2. Europe is coming quickly and I am beginning to stress out about money, hostels, and all the logistical things. I have a good idea of where I want to go and the dates that I want to be where, but I have a few days that I am unaccounted for and I'm not sure what to do about that. Everything will work out, I'm sure of that.

3. I am back to running more often. My hamstring still isn't 100% happy, but it seems to be getting better. Certain activities, like running anything under a 9 min/mi or running uphill at the end of a run, still cause me discomfort, but for the most part, I'm feeling better. Plus, it's nice to get to see things like this again: 

4. On Tuesday night, I was foam rolling and stretching when I noticed something under my couch. I pulled it out and it was a HUGE pocket knife. Naturally, because I'm constantly a logical thinker, I assumed it was planted there. A friend suggested that it was Bam Bam's because it looked military issued, so I messaged him, and sure enough, it belongs to him. I feel better knowing that some stranger isn't plotting my death....

5. Obsession. GO to Sam's Club NOW and get this.

6. Campus put on their version of an "Electric Run" last night for free. It was super fun and a little less than 2 miles, but the paint they threw at us colored my body green...through my clothes! I ran six miles yesterday morning and wanted to take last night easy and ended up doing a 9:10 avg and felt good. Hamstring was a little tight, but overall, I didn't feel out of breath at all! 

7. In an attempt to remain consistent with my refocus and recentering, I am participating in the 100 Happy Days challenge 

The premise is that you find something, however small, that makes you happy that day and take a photo of it to share with the world. It's designed to encourage participants to find the good in every single day and focus on happiness. You can find my #100happydays if you follow me on Instagram

What makes you happy in a day? What time of day do you usually run?