Friday, March 7, 2014

Welcome to the Disaster Zone

First, thank you to all who responded to Tuesday's post for all for your positivity and your viewpoints!

Yesterday, I had every intention of sharing photos from my trip to Island Dolphin Care. Instead, I was woken up at 1:30 am Wednesday night (Thursday morning) by the sound of my doorbell ringing. After punching 911 into the keypad and waiting to hit send, I opened my bedroom door and I heard one of the most dreaded sounds a homeowner could hear: rushing water. It turns out that my water heater burst in the middle of the night, leaking into the downstairs neighbors' home, causing them to come upstairs and ring my doorbell incessantly.

So, until this is all resolved, I will most likely be posting sporadically, visiting your blogs less often, and probably commenting more rarely. Please bear with me as I try and deal with this without losing my sanity (or dignity) in the process! This is what my life looks like right now.

Thank you for your understanding as I clean up this mess!

What's the worst situation you've dealt with in your home?