Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Master of Science and a Speedy 10k

I am BACK! I should FINALLY have about 15 minutes extra of free time over the next few weeks to do more blogging! I'm sure y'all miss me a TON ;)

I am doing some backwards updates here, mostly because I want to share the most exciting news I have had in a while!

Yesterday, at 3:45 pm, I passed my Comprehensive Oral Exams, and am now ONE step closer to getting my Master of Science! It was really the only thing I was worried about holding me back, so now two papers and one presentation stand in the way of me graduating in May. Basically, it's smooth sailing from here!

As many of you know, I was prepping for the exam for about two weeks. If you follow me on Twitter, I'm sure that you've seen lots of updates from me discussing how nervous I was. Well, I was nervous, but I was very well-studied that the exam wasn't as difficult as I had expected it to be. Also, I thought it would be awkward to be sitting at a table while three men ask me questions, but that part wasn't too bad, either. Granted, at the end of the process I was insanely sweaty, but I passed and that is all that matters!
This is no longer the situation in my house

I had class afterwards, so my teacher bought us pizza and I brought cookies. Then, I went downtown to have an adult celebration ;)

I plan to continue to celebrate for the rest of the week, taking a much needed mental health break this weekend, before I jump back into the school thing again.

Onto other exciting news, I ran a sub-60 10k on Monday! I NEVER thought that would be possible and I definitely think I could have pushed harder if I wasn't injured. I'm excited to see my progress and I can't wait to get healthy so that I can give running all I've got.

Speaking of injury.... I think I should probably go to the doctor soon because the tightness just won't go away and yesterday, it was tender to the touch in some places. There is not a lot of PAIN, per say, but just a lot of tightness.

That is ALL of the good news I have for y'all so far, and I can't wait to get back into regular chats!!

What is new and exciting in your life? Fill me in!