Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Scenes from my Run

That's right! After 7 1/2 weeks off because of my hamstring injury, I have now run TWICE this week in Germany. While it's not like I am starting all over, running definitely is hard and I am about two minutes slower than I was when I got injured. I am going to blame being at altitude since I'm near the mountains ;) 

My doctor had wanted me to start back by running with intervals, but since I have no experience with that, I have been running for 5 minutes and walking for 1. It has slowed me down, but at least I am running! I am slowly building up my mileage. I did 2.25 miles on Monday and 2.75 miles today (Wednesday). Not much, but at least I'm running! I'll be back at half marathons soon enough :) 

In the mean time, I'll be outrunning this witch in the forest

Happy Wednesday!