Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Great Adventure: Dublin City Highlights

Now that I am back and somewhat functioning, it's time to share the first of my highlight recaps. To begin with, Europe was amazing and everything I could have hoped for. There was A LOT of ups and a few downs, but the trip was wonderful. I could talk for hours (and I have), but to save you all from reading a novel, I will just share the highlights, beginning with Dublin, of which I've decided to break into two posts :)

Dublin City 2014

Dublin was my first and last stop on my trip. When I first arrived, it was gloomy, but the city is small and absolutely walkable and I loved that aspect of it. Also, the Irish are SO friendly. A woman walked me to the front door of the place I needed to go when I needed help. Be prepared for a photo overload 

 Best Sandwich Ever.

 Guinness Roof Top Bar

 River Liffey in Dublin City Center

 Dublin Castle 

 Another view of the River Liffey

 Kilmainham Gaol

 AMAZING Vegetarian restaurant in Temple Bar district

 Christchurch Cathedral

Various Voices performances at Dublin City Hall

I had about 12 more photos in here, but I've decided to give Blarney Castle it's own post! The photos from there were AMAZING and I had a GORGEOUS day for that. Also, I won't be posting ALL of my highlight posts at once because I have some other blog duties that need to be posted (I really slacked while I was enjoying my holiday), but expect all the recaps up before early next week! 

Have you ever been to Dublin? What types of vacation recaps do you like to see?