Monday, June 23, 2014

The Great Adventure: Manchester

If you haven't noticed yet (I just did it Friday), I have added a "Travel" tab where you can find my Costa Rica recaps and the two recaps of Europe I have posted so far! And even though I said last week that my photo recaps would be done by the end of this week.. I"m not sure that's the case. Even though I'm not saying much about the trip (I'd be glad to go into great detail if you want!),  I really want to share a good amount of photos with you since I abandoned you for so long. I hope this is okay!


Manchester was my least favorite city that I visited on my trip. There is a lot of history and some fun museums, but the city itself was very dirty and very expensive. I did have a chance to visit cities around Manchester, and I enjoyed those cities a lot more! However, there was still a lot of beauty and fun to be had in Manchester! 

 Manchester Cathedral

Imperial War Museum

Food court at Trafford Center


Chester was BEAUTIFUL! We only had about an hour or two there (I was with a friend), but I wish that I had more time there. I would definitely return back to Chester. There is a lot of Roman history there and the Tudor houses (which I didn't have a chance to see). Such a gorgeous area. 

Chester Cathedral

Roman Walls

Bramall Hall

Bramall Hall is a Tudor home (the type of design) that used to be owned by a wealthy family. I'm a really bad tourist and am unsure as to what exactly this hall was for, but Wikipedia has a history that indicates that this was a home for the Davenport family (landowners in NW England). We didn't take a tour inside, but the grounds were gorgeous and so was the home! 

I'm going to leave my photos of Blue John Mines and Chatsworth House for the next post! Thanks to everyone who's stuck around in my hiatus and are dealing with all of these photos! 

What turns you off from visiting cities? Do you ever go to landmarks and not go inside?