Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Whirlwind Relocation: The Bahamas

Hi guys! So I've officially moved to the Bahamas! Everything happened so quickly, and it was ridiculously chaotic, but I made it! I'm finally here :)

I got the e-mail on Thursday, August 21, that they wanted me to be on Eleuthera by Friday, August 22. So, I booked my flight that afternoon! I ended up having to run 10,000 errands and ship some things to my parents' home, but mostly everything I needed to get done before I left, I did.

Friday morning, I headed out to an early breakfast with a friend before I headed to the airport! We were done eating by 8 am and I had a few things to do afterwards, but we headed to the airport around 10 am. I ended up breezing through security (even with my overweight bags) and made it to the gate with an hour and a half to spare. Well, my flight ended up being delayed nearly an hour and a half! I was terrified that I would miss my connecting flight, but BahamasAir assured me that I would be put up in Nassau if I did not make my flight.

The flight from Orlando to Nassau was relatively uneventful and was a little over an hour long. When I got to Nassau, I had to re-check my bags because I was coming from an international flight and leaving on an inter island flight. My connecting flight was also delayed, so I made it in time! However, this is where my fun began. They checked us into our flight and had us wait on the side. Then, they told us to return to the seating area. I did and about 15 minutes later, I heard a "final call for boarding." So, I went back and was told to run to the tarmac. When I got to the tarmac, I was told that my pilot was pulling away...and I watched my flight leave without me. I'm still not sure how it happened (a few other people had the same issue), but I went into a panic. Luckily, a woman was able to help me get onto another flight (I honestly got the last seat) and I made it to my destination.

Because I was supposed to come on the flight before, my luggage was already at the airport I landed in. However, the baggage agent from BahamasAir decided that he had had a long enough day and left before the last flight came in. So, my luggage was locked behind a door and I had no way to get to it. Another baggage agent called the BahamasAir agent, but he hung up on her. I ended up having to leave without my luggage (only my carry on).

By the time I got to my new job, it was already dark and I was STARVING (I hadn't eaten since breakfast). We ate, had a small orientation, and they dropped me off at my new apartment! My first full day at work was on Saturday and was MUCH better than Friday's travel day, but I'm hoping to start a new, weekly blog entry where I fill you in on my adventures, and I think I will save that for this week :)

Stay safe, everyone!!

What was your worst travel experience? Have you ever missed a flight?