Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Running in the Bahamas

Running in the Bahamas... it's been inconstant, but when it's been occurring, it's been a beautiful thing. I was having issues with the local pot cakes (the term of endearment for the stray dogs around here) wanting to play in the early hours of the morning when I would run by. They would chase me, chew on my shoelaces, pull on my shorts, and make the general effort of running extremely difficult. I was told to throw rocks at them, but I couldn't do it, so instead, I have been getting picked up in the wee hours before work and running on campus where there are no dogs!

The real reason the Baha Men wrote "Who Let The Dogs Out?"

We have a couple programs on campus right now that are training for major athletic events. Some students are going to participate in a sprint triathlon in the next month, while the students at the school associated with our research center are going to participate in a half marathon or a 4-mile Super Swim (their choice). I have decided that I want to run the half marathon with the students, as I have been lazy, unmotivated, and still trying to get back into my routine from my I've never really gotten back into the swing of things.

I have run a few times at work AFTER work, but that's a terrible idea because it's hot and sunny and I die. Instead, I have been loving the Bahamian sunrises and I think that every morning should begin this way.

Have you ever been chased by dogs during a run? What is your biggest excuse for not running?