Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Turtle Tuesday #3

This post is gonna be short and sweet today as I don't have a lot of time!

One aspect of my job includes co-advising a research project for the school that is attached to the research center I work at. Research classes started on Friday, so I had the great opportunity of helping co-lead my first class! I also had the opportunity to teach yesterday and lead a big chunk of the background information provided to the students about sea turtles. I covered the sea turtle life cycle as well as the grazing habits of green sea turtles, as that is the species that we are studying. Throughout the semester, we will lead the students through the scientific writing/discovery portion. They will also have the opportunity to catch and tag turtles, as well as count sea turtles to estimate their abundance in specific locations. Our main focus is determining how healthy the turtles are in the Bahamas, so our students will give a huge presentation during Parents Weekend. We have a great group of students and am excited about the rest of this semester!

If you can't tell by the smile on my face, I think I'm fitting right in here.

Source: CEI

Teachers: What is your favorite part of teaching? Would anyone like for me to cover bits about sea turtle life history (life cycle, threats, etc.) on days like this where my posts are shorter and less exciting?