Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Breakdown and a Decision

Remember when I promised Turtle Tuesdays all of the time? That was before I got into my job and got busy. I had every intention of having one written for you today, but then I had a breakdown at work yesterday and my priorities were coming home and sleeping...

I think that 2.5 months of working programs, covering other people's duties, and working 12 hour days most days finally took its toll on me! I was in charge of one of our groups this weekend because my boss was at a conference. They're a great group, but I kept making small mistakes that I am beating myself up over. I got lost for 2 hours on Sunday (on my way to a new-to-me place) and then yesterday the group was late for lunch. They still had food and no one was complaining - in fact, they keep telling me to relax because they know how stressful this is. I'm the only one who is upset.

Well, when I went into the lunchroom to see if there was any food left, the kitchen ladies told me that there was and I cried.... Then, I went back to the office and someone asked me if I was okay, and then I cried for like 10 minutes. A coworker took me for a walk and I felt better. It's not that leading the group itself was stressful, it's just that I was beating myself up over it.

A co-worker asked me today if I had ever led groups like this before, and I said "my Masters degree is in Environmental Education, I was bred for this!" To which he replied, "what I've learned by leading groups is that you're the only one who knows what's supposed to go right, so you notice everything that goes wrong." So true.

On an unrelated-but-kind-of-related note, remember how I told you that I was training to run a half marathon with the students? I've decided to sit this one out. I took a non-running related injury that's stopping me from running this Sunday. I was sprinting in the dark to catch a shuttle home, tripped over a log, face planted in the gravel, and sliced open my toe, bruised my knee. My toe is nasty looking and it hurts to touch the cut, and my knee is swollen. I've been taking it easy this week and haven't been running. I just think i'm going to be undertrained and I don't want my first "race" back to re-injure me.

Have you ever had to change your running plans? What's your funniest injury story?