Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Turtle Tuesday #8

Tomorrow marks my last day of teaching for the semester! The students return back to the United States next week! It's hard to believe that the semester is nearly over... it seems like I just got here!

Yesterday was our final field day and we ended up catching two, brand new turtles! (I just realized that I used exclamation points for the last four sentences) It was a great way to end the semester.

Some things I've learned this semester:
-Things never go according to plan
-I can be my own worst enemy
-Having a great support team is worth more than being perfect all the time
-There will be days when everything goes wrong; accept it.
-Sometimes, students will surprise you (in both good and bad ways)

I'm definitely going to miss my students, but it'll be nice to have a bit of a break!

On an turtley unrelated note, yesterday, I went to a presentation on using science for social media. It was really interesting to hear how scientists are using Twitter and Facebook (but mainly, Twitter - it was the most active of the social media sites!) to connect with other scientists. The presenter (my co-worker) even told me that she found out on Twitter that one of her papers had been published! I guess it makes sense that science will follow in the footsteps of connecting others, but I never realized the impact that social media could have on connecting the public to science.


That being said, I made myself a "professional" Twitter (don't worry, I'll still tweet useless tweets on my personal account, as well). I plan on using this new Twitter handle to connect with scientists, follow new conservation news, and tweet about turtles. If you're interested in following my new, sciencey Twitter, follow me @RachelMillerST

Do you have separate social media accounts for your personal/professional presence?