Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Queen of the Weirdest Injuries

Since moving to the Bahamas in August, I think I've become the queen of the weirdest injuries. I never really deemed myself as clumsy before, but since I've been here, I've been a walking disaster.

A list of some of the injuries I have incurred here include:
1. Tearing the cartilage in my right knee by tripping over a log in the dark because I was chasing after a van trying to get a ride home
2. (Potentially) Fracturing my shin because I dropped a cooler full of sharks on it
3. Cutting open my foot on a piece of coral because I had to go pee and jumped onto a small piece in the shallow waters.
4. Swollen/jammed hand due to a strong sea turtle crushing it with its flippers

I fall on boats all the time, bang up my legs on various equipment, cut my hands and feet on various objects, get scratches from sea turtles, get stung by jellies, and am just an all around klutz. Yesterday, I incurred another incredibly interesting and weird injury. Scroll past this next picture if you don't want to see a bit of blood ;)

Part of my toenail was ripped up by a tote full of seaweed. What kind of job do I have? Yesterday, we took students from the local primary school to collect seaweed for the community garden. The seaweed acts as a natural fertilizer/mulch and is great for their plants. When I was helping unload the van, I moved the last tote and the person I was handing it to grabbed the handle to pull it towards them. Well, my toenail got caught in the mix somehow (not sure how), and I yelped in pain. I didn't think much of it until it started bleeding.

I'm going to try and run on it today, but we'll see. It's throbbing a bit and there's still a bit of bleeding/blood trapped under the nail. I'm wondering if the injured part will reattach or just fall off. The fun of being me ;)

On another note, something that I still love despite sometimes causing me minor injuries? Turtles.

Please note that the front flippers of the sea turtle are the strongest joint. This turtle was out of the water less than 10 minutes and was on its way back to be released to the ocean when this photo was taken

What is your weirdest injury? Are you accident prone?